Why Should We Study The Bible-Motivation Matters

Why Should We Study The Bible-Motivation Matters

Why should I study the Bible, is a question every Christian should ask himself before initiating any study.
Studying your Bible is very important, yet it is so easy to study it not knowing for sure why you are doing so, or just simply put, studying it for all the wrong reasons in the world. We can easily study just to appease our guilt conscience, to meet our Bible reading quota, which is for a lot of Christians: a chapter a day. We even go as far as imposing these legalistic rules on others, in light of the fact that God never study bibleimposes these narrow rules on us, we make them up. We may not like to admit that guilt motivates us as to why we study the Bible, but it is a powerful motivator.

Simply put, the Bible is without error, it never contradicts true science, in oneness with secular history, and its prophecies never fails to come to pass. We should study to know who God is so that we can develop a meaningful relationship with Him. Here are six detailed reasons why Bible study matters.

Helps Us To Know Who God Is-Critical Knowledge

Isn’t it wonderful to know who God is and what He’s really like? knowing about His wonderful characters, His wisdom, His strategies and methods in how He goes about solving or addressing a problem? An active and engaging search to knowing about God has to be among the most important task a Christian or anyone could ever undertake. Because we are in a world of sin, confusion, suffering, pain, anxiety, fear, frustration, hopelessness, and many more unfortunate realities. This God has not left us without direction for living, without a road map for journeying through the realness of this life. He has given us Himself, He has given us light for the darkness, comfort through real suffering, and hope for our darkest despair.

This God is in love with us, and He wants us to love Him back. He wants a relationship with us, a kind of fellowship that affect our living experience. For this to happen, we need to know each other, know what each person likes or dislikes, and make adjustments accordingly. The bible is God’s revelation of Himself, the source of knowing Him, lets search for Him there.

Helps Us To Make Wise Choices- Life Demands It

Every day we are faced with the inevitable, the unavoidable, the very thing that dictates to so much of the outcomes of our lives, its called: choice. Choice as it relates to who we should marry, by giving us guidelines as to what we should look for in a potential partner, and the most important of all: the choice to remain in our sins or be saved.

In all of our lives, we are called upon to make choices, sometimes we are even forced to make them. The tricky thing is that we don’t always know how to make them, and when we make bad choices out of ignorance, we suffer the consequences. So much of life’s pain could have been avoided if we had made wise decisions.

Helps Us Through Life’s Suffering-It Is Certain

Isn’t it encouraging to know you are not alone in your suffering? knowing that the Bible is filled with many stories of hardship, sadness, lost, sorrows, and sufferings, it is a book that addresses our realities.

Think of the story of Israel’s experience in Egypt. Think of there hardship, and the way in which God was with them in the very midst of slavery and suffering, and ultimate deliverance. What about our Lord Jesus Christ, how He suffers, and yet, God was with Him. Think of Job, hardly anyone throughout human history has suffered as he did. Think of what he went through, he lost everything, he lost his health, his wealth, and his family, some of the dearest things to us. yet he never left God, and God never left him, do you know why? He knew God, a God who will never be absent in our pain, He will always be there.

Enables Us To Answer Important Questions

Questions about the Bible is inevitable, you just can’t avoid it. It will come from persons who are hostile towards God and the Bible. It will come from persons who just want answers, and it will come from those who desire to have an enriching experience with God but are just confused about certain elements of God or His word.

The Bible does provide answers to a wide range of questions that the philosophers have asked and many of the times, struggle to answer correctly, questions that affect our lives. The bible addresses the very purpose of our existence, it tells us how we are saved, that it is not by doing anything good, not by being baptized (rom.10:9-13),(eph.2:1-10). Questions such as: where did evil come from, and why does God allows it? what happens to us when we die? among many others. The bible gives practical advice such as: what to look for in a potential mate, how to have a successful marriage, and how to be a good parent.

The bible is God-breathed (2tim.3:16), only by thoroughly engaging it, can we be properly equipped to answer these questions. The Bible has many hidden gems that can set us free from the many misrepresentations of God, that have been taught to us by well-meaning people who just get it wrong. We have a responsibility to search diligently and allow truth to set us free from these errors.

Yield True Happiness To Our Souls-It Works

Do you want to be happy? Who doesn’t? have we ever stop to wonder why we do the things we do? Why we work, why we purchase goods and services and so many other things? When you come to think of it, we work to earn money so that we can buy goods and services so that we can be comfortable, find pleasure, and experience happiness. The simple reality is: we all just want to be happy.

Many people try many inventions to get happiness, Solomon is the grand example of this pursuit. He built himself houses, tried wealth, splendour, and glory, yet find it a vexation of the spirit (ecc.1:14). We don’t need to do all of that, we have the word of God to bring comfort in times of despair, shed light in the darkest hours of our lives. We should also never forget what our Lord said, that life does not consist in the abundance of things (luk.12:15) and that we should not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (mat.4:4). Happiness is never derived from having more things, it’s always as a result of living in close fellowship with God.

Enables Us To Discern False Doctrines-Know What’s True

False doctrine is destructive, it can lead us astray, and yet, it is prevalent in our world. Everyone has an opinion for just about anything, that’s OK, but some beliefs are destructive, it can lead us into all kinds of cults. The truth about false doctrine is that it does sometimes resemble the truth and oftentimes have elements of truth to it. The bible is the measuring stick by which we can discern truth from error. To have a wrong impression of God is to worship an idol.


To Know The Bible: Get Into The Bible

This article on why should I study the Bible can change your life, if you believe it and diligently engage in the study of the word of God, in a spirit of patience, humility, and openness.

Anyone who faithfully studies the Bible will be impacted by it, in a way that will enable you to make wise choices, discern false teachings, manage to suffer, answer some of life’s poignant questions, and live a life filled with hope and an enriching experience. But it takes work, get into it and dig in.

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