John MacArthur Study Bible

John MacArthur Study Bible

The John MacArthur Study Bible is one of the best study bibles that exist in bible study circle. It is well respected and very popular among study bibles. It comes in more than one translation such as the NIV, the NASB, the ESV, and the one I have: the NKJV. So as you can see, you have the privilege of studying with this bible in some of the best bible translations out bible

The Man Behind This Bible

John MacArthur is a well renown and well-respected theologian throughout Christendom and anything related to biblical study. He is the pastor at Grace community church for around fifty years, did you hear that? 50 long years. They didn’t have him around for nothing. Not many ministries have that amount of time dedicated by one person for so long.

John MacArthur loves the word of God with a passion, I just can’t help but notice that by listening to his sermons over the years I’ve known him. He believes in taking the bible literally wherein it is all possible and does make sense. John MacArthur is known for not compromising on his stance on the word of God. He isn’t afraid to be controversial and unpopular, that’s the kind of person we need more of in this field of biblical studies. Faithfulness is fundamental.

Special Features Of This Bible

This study bible is rich in its many helpful features that you will find very helpful. It has:

Charts/Maps Index: the charts are useful in that they show the dates of major events. The maps show the geographical locations of nations and places. All of these charts/maps does correspond with the exact scripture passages that they exist beside or beneath. This can be very helpful in helping you to better identify key areas and data about the text.

Cross-References: scripture cross-reference can be very helpful because it aids you in interpreting the text. This feature shows you other areas of scripture that has the same word/term or the same expression as the current area of study.

An Introduction To The Bible: this feature here has critical information on what the bible is about. With statistics and major events that make up the narrative of the bible.

How We Got The Bible: The history of the bible is very interesting, every person who studies or read the bible should know its history. It answers the question about the validity of the text, how we got the text, and many more elements of the bible we should know

  1. How to study the bible: Studying the bible should be exciting and adventurous. This feature gives helpful guidelines about some principles you should take when studying the word of God.

Introductory outlined of each book: Each book has an outline that entails some of the main features of each book. Features such as the background and setting, historical and theological themes, and what each book is really about.

Yearly reading plan: An helpful yearly reading plan is made available for you to successfully read through the bible in a year. This will help you feel a sense of accomplishment

An overview of theology: This feature gives you some of the major theologies in the bible. And provides an insightful overview of these theologies.

Index to key doctrines: Doctrines are a set of beliefs, while theology is a proposed understanding of those doctrines. This feature enables you to locate the different doctrines of scripture.

Concordance: a concordance helps you to find certain key bible words and terms, and where they are located in the text.

Prose and Cons

I do believe that this study bible can be of tremendous help to you in your search for a better understanding of the word of God. Every commentary(study bible) have pros and cons, and this one is no different. John MacArthur embraces systematic theology. He is Calvinistic in his views on the doctrine of grace, among other beliefs that you might not reconcile with. However, I do believe that diversity has its benefits too. It opens you up to think through and process many different possibilities that need close examination. I believe that having as many of the different commentary materials out there is the way forward to approach any serious biblical study.

What I can promise any user of The MacArthur Study Bible is that it is consistently accurate, and will make a lot of sense in the commentary that it provides. The good thing about just about any study bible is that it doesn’t have to hold you hostage to its views and interpretations. You have a mind to think for yourself and make sense of what you read.

Improving Your Biblical Comprehension-An In dept Study Approach

A good study bible can be very helpful to you in that it goes in dept, and can show you something that you may never see on your own. It provides you with helpful features that enables you the opportunity to research and validate your understanding of the text.

I encourage you to study the word of God with patience, humility, and an open mind. It can change your life for the better when you commit yourself to live by its teachings. God bless you.

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