Author: Seyon

John MacArthur Study Bible

The John MacArthur Study Bible is one of the best study bibles that exist in bible study circle. It is well respected and very popular among study bibles. It comes in more than one translation such as the NIV, the NASB, the ESV, and the one I have: the NKJV. So as you can see, you have the privilege of studying with this bible in some of the best bible translations out there. The Man Behind This Bible John MacArthur is a well renown and well-respected theologian throughout Christendom and anything related to biblical study. He is the pastor at… Read More

Why Should We Study The Bible-Motivation Matters

Why should I study the Bible, is a question every Christian should ask himself before initiating any study. Studying your Bible is very important, yet it is so easy to study it not knowing for sure why you are doing so, or just simply put, studying it for all the wrong reasons in the world. We can easily study just to appease our guilt conscience, to meet our Bible reading quota, which is for a lot of Christians: a chapter a day. We even go as far as imposing these legalistic rules on others, in light of the fact that… Read More

About Sean

Hello everyone and welcome to my panting for God website. Ever since I became a Christian at the age of 16, I’ve developed a desire and love for the bible and how to understand it correctly.   Being at that age, and entering into this new way of life, I was ignorant of a lot of things about my Christian faith. I would be taught by my church many things that I’ve found helpful and encouraging, but there were other areas of teaching that I’ve struggled with. I began to ask a lot of questions about the bible, God, and… Read More