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About Sean

Hello everyone and welcome to my panting for God website. Ever since I became a Christian at the age of 16, I’ve developed a desire and love for the bible and how to understand it correctly.


Being at that age, and entering into this new way of life, I was ignorant of a lot of things about my Christian faith. I would be taught by my church many things that I’ve found helpful and encouraging, but there were other areas of teaching that I’ve struggled with. I began to ask a lot of questions about the bible, God, and my responsibilities towards Him.

In my search, I somehow came upon a daily bible teaching program called “back to the bible”. It was very helpful to me. as I search for more answers and clarifications on some of the more challenging questions of scripture, I became aware of what is called a study bible, that has commentaries on the bible itself, this helps me even more tremendously. I was very excited at this time, because a better understanding of truth, truly, as Jesus said it, sets you free. Now I want to help you and guide you as someone did for me.

what is bible study.

Today we are living in a world that has a lot of persons who just don’t know what bible study really entails. Many of the times a person, especially Christians, take up the bible, read a few chapters and do a little reflection on what they have read and called that bible study. Whiles this is an admirable effort, it is not enough to be deemed bible study.

Bible study involves more than just reading through the bible, it involves taking note of the context of what is said, this involves what was said before and also what was said after. Careful observation should be taken on the use of some of the keywords of the text and what they meant in their original languages, remember the bible wasn’t written in English, it was written in Hebrew, Greek, and a little Aramaic. This is very significant because the English language doesn’t always reflect the best understanding of what the writer meant when writing in the original languages of that day.

I really want to help you in having a better understanding of the word of God, because it gives you the most thrilling and the most exciting feeling when you begin to understand it correctly. It helps you to know the mind of God, what He requires, and also what He doesn’t require of you.

Too often times I’ve seen good, well intentional Christians struggle in there walk with God, only because of what they have painfully misunderstood about Him and what He is like. I want to help in making a difference in the life of an inquisitive seeker.

The objective of this website is to provide you with the knowledge of some of the most helpful materials out there that can help you dig deep in the word of God and find tremendous treasures. To thoroughly explain to you the many different elements that are involved in a bible study that you should take note of.

Don’t go it alone.

Bible study doesn’t have to be strenuous or scary, you don’t have to go it alone, you don’t have to figure out everything by yourself, so many persons have invested their lives and time studying the bible very diligently and patiently, and have dug deep and found tremendous treasures that they eagerly want to share with you.

Let us commune with others and be helped in our search for a better and true understanding of who this God really is

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


How To Study The Bible Effectively

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